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In 1944, C.V. Wolfe, L.B. Minneker and J.R. Newell purchased The Lima Lumber Company located in
Lima, Ohio. Eventually, the latter two sold their portions completely to C.V. Wolfe. In their first six
years of existence, Lima Lumber was considered more of a conventional lumberyard, handling only
lumber items, but in February of 1950, Lima Lumber underwent a face-lift to become one of the
Midwest's most modern retail buildings materials establishments. Lima Lumber went from carrying just
lumber to establishing departments within the store including: a full hardware department, paint
department, appliances, plumbing and heating, roofing, millwork and much more.


However, Lima Lumber suffered greatly from the long recession of the 1980's that hit the construction
industry hard. With no other option, Lima Lumber was forced to shut their doors in December of 1982.
With the loss of a local long - time lumber company that believed quality goods and personable service,
many were saddened at the closure.

In spite of this, two former employees, Kevin Gratz and Mike Steiner combined their efforts and their
resources to reopen Lima Lumber in March of 1983. With the second opening of Lima Lumber, Gratz
and Steiner restructured the store to make it more profitable.


Lima Lumber has an experienced and knowledgeable staff, quality services and top of the line lumber,
hardware and building materials…and free delivery within a 50 mile radius. We’ll help you find the right
builder for your project, or work with the contractor you’ve chosen, and provide you with a customized
CAD blueprint as well as an accurate estimate for your project. Whether it’s the home of your dreams, an
addition to your existing home, commercial, or industrial project, make Lima Lumber your choice for
building, remodeling and maintenance needs.

Locally owned since 1944.